WARNING: Throw Fidget Spinners Away, Immediately. High Levels of Deadly Substances Found

As I’m sure you are aware, fidget spinners are all the rage these days.  I mean, seriously, they’re EVERYWHERE!  And, overall, they seem pretty harmless, right? Well…not according to Tamara Rubin, lead poisoning awareness expert, who has done her due diligence and is now alerting the general public that some of the simple gadgets may not be so harmless after all.

The problem appears to be with those which contain ball-bearings and balanced blades inside plastic casings.  In a number of cases, those kinds have been found to contain dangerous amounts of lead and mercury.

However, within this problem lies the bigger issue: That there are no patents governing who can and can’t manufacture them, meaning your most basic quality controls can be easily overlooked.

“Just last week, 200,000 units of of the popular toy were seized by EU customs officials for failing to adhere to the health standards set by the Union.”

Inhabitat reports several fidget spinner samples:

“Two were lead-free, but one had very high levels of lead and some mercury. She then disassembled a fidget spinner with LED lights and found both lead and mercury. She found 19,000 parts per million (ppm) of lead and 1,000 ppm of mercury.

These numbers are sobering because scientists consider under 90 ppm of lead to be the safe threshold in children’s toys, according to Rubin. But the paint on the LED light spinner contained 334 ppm of lead and 155 ppm of mercury in one test. The unpainted metal base contained 1,562 ppm of mercury and 2,452 ppm of lead.

Rubin later tested six more fidget spinners and found a $31 from Yomaxer that contained 42,800 ppm of lead. She noted ordinary consumers won’t have access to an XRF instrument, which can cost around $50,000.”

Wow, who would have thought?  Kind of takes you back to the days of lead paint concerns with Matchbox cars, doesn’t it?

Just be vigilant out there, folks.  Seems like such a simple, innocent toy, but sometimes, you just never know what to expect.

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