Trump Just Schooled Barack Obama on The Constitution and DACA

Isn’t it rather astonishing that Donald Trump never took a single law class and doesn’t have a law degree, yet in a brief seven month span, has managed to destroy Obama (a.k.a. Mr. “Constitutional Law Professor”) and shred his unconstitutional executive orders left and right?

Per The Washington Times:

The same Constitution Mr. Obama spent years studying. The same Constitution that Mr. Trump hires people to study for him.

The same Constitution both men got elected to protect and uphold. The same Constitution Mr. Obama spray-painted graffiti all over and the same Constitution that Mr. Trump is — finally — rescuing.

“Rescuing” is a really interesting (and necessary) choice of word, there.  And that’s mostly because Obama did nothing but dissect and shred the document in order to fit his political agenda. Although he often claimed to be a Constitutionalist who worked to uphold and protect it, the evidence proves quite the contrary.

As Charles Hurt writes:

Mr. Obama’s blithe ignorance and selfish disregard of the Constitution was laid bare by a comprehensive study earlier this year that revealed that the Great Constitutional Law Lecturer had been rebuked by the Supreme Court more than any president in at least 70 years. And that was because the professors conducting the study only went back 70 years.

And now, after eight years of Mr. Obama wagging his big legal finger at “Stupid America,” we finally have a president who actually understands the Constitution and means to uphold it.

With President Trump’s recent announcement regarding termination of the DACA program in six months, the Constitutional ball is in Congress’ court. This is their issue now, and if they fail to act, 800,000 people will be subjected to deportation.  Although that may sound like a harsh thing, it is Constitutional at the end of the day and Trump understands that.

Isn’t it a breath of fresh air knowing we finally have a President in office who understands what “preserve, protect, and defend” really means?

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