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Trump-Hating Emmys Receive Terrible News, Trump Gets Last Laugh

According to the ratings, Sunday night’s telecast of the Emmy’s appears to be nothing more than a catastrophic flop. As of now (adjustments pending) it looks as though fewer than 11.3 million viewers (less than 5% of the country) tuned in to watch host Stephen Colbert’s Trump-hate-fest, which, if the numbers hold, would be an all-time low in its 69 year history.

Yes, in its decorated history, that rating would be even worse than last year’s, which currently holds the all-time low ratings record!

Per Breitbart:

What has to be especially galling to Colbert and his fellow social justice glitter-warriors, is that in a country of 330 million, fewer than five percent tuned in, cared to watch even a minute of the show, was not in the least interested in their Big Thinks on issues n’ stuff, including President Trump who, despite the unrelenting hate campaigns from the media and Hollywood, still holds (if you believe the polls) a 40% approval rating. We all know it is higher, especially in the only states that matter.

As Hollywood has gotten more political, more divisive, more bigoted towards Normal People, and more hateful, take a look at the nuclear fallout. America is more red, more Republican-led than at anytime since Reconstruction. On every level, Democrats have been wiped out of electoral office.

Hollywood is a total liability to its own cause.

Poor, liberal, bitter Hollywood.

And you know this really has to sting on the heels of the MTV Awards hitting its own record low.

Unbelievable.  I tell you…Hollywood really is its own worst enemy these days.


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