Trump Announces Massive Change to Welfare, Liberals Lose Their Mind

With President Trump’s immigration overhaul now effectively underway, it seems migrants who enter the United States will not receive welfare during their first five years in the country.

During his weekly radio address, Trump stated, “Just this week, we announced a historic immigration bill to create a merit-based Green Card system that ends the abuse of our welfare system, stops chain migration, and protects our workers and our economy. As an example, you cannot get welfare for five years when you come into our country.”

“You cannot just come in like in past weeks, years, and decades, you come in immediately and start picking up welfare. For five years, you have to say you will not be asking or using our welfare systems.”

Interestingly enough, Trump actually modeled this program from those of Australia and Canada, both of which use a merit or points-based visa system that rewards only the top immigrant achievers.

In order to receive a limited number of visas in those countries, Migrants must compete with one another, only gaining points for things such as English proficiency, competitive training, a job offer, or some other major achievement that benefits the host country in the long run.

These countries and their programs, however, are very different from the likes Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel has opened the border to millions of unvetted migrants who neither speak German nor have employable skills that will benefit the country.

Last year, the German government admitted that only 2.8% of over 1.2 million migrants had found employment.  According to journalist Chris Menahan, “They said back in July only 55 out of one million migrants had got jobs with any major firms and 50 of those jobs were working at the post office. Two-thirds or more of these migrants are illiterate in their own languages.”

“They came because Merkel promised them free money if they can just make it into the country.”

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