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Evidence Suggests Top Democrat Tim Kaine’s Son is a Member of Antifa

For more than a year now, the violence toward conservative Americans and Trump supporters has seemingly grown.  Up to this point, they’ve been assaulted, spit on, egged, beaten, chased, tackled and bloodied, all just for simply attending conservative rallies and events.

Last month, members of a Patriot Prayer group tried to cancel their Berkeley rally. But low and behold, a few supporters decided to show up anyway, and that’s when the violence really escalated.  Antifa protesters decided to show up, riot, and terrorize them.

They showed up as they always do in their all black, with their faces covered by masks, and were chasing the supporters down, trying to steal their phones and cameras.


Here, you can hear Antifa screaming ‘Take his camera, take his phone!’

And here, you can hear Antifa shouting ‘BLOCK UP!’

Well, in case you didn’t know, back in March at the Minnesota State Capitol, the youngest son of Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine was arrested after disrupting a pro-Trump rally.

Yes, Kaine’s son, Woody, is a violent member of Antifa.

Pretty sad state of affairs when a top democrat and former vice presidential candidate has raised a terrorist, huh?

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