They Told Her Not to Mention God in Her Speech, Then The Crowd Goes Wild

For far too long, there has been a disturbing trend in schools across the country, where administration officials have practically muffled anyone who wants to talk about theirnChristian faith.

For the latest example of this, look no further than this report from Faithwire, where school officials at Beaver High School in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, tried to stop graduate Moriah Bridges from including references to God in her commencement speech.

The administration initially wanted her to “remove all religious references” from the speech, including the words “God,” “Lord,” and a prayer she had included.

However, their plan backfired in a major way.  When Bridges actually gave the speech, and included this well-phrased reference to Jesus Christ:

“I’ve always been a rule follower. When they said not to chew gum, I didn’t chew gum. When they said not to use your cellphone, I didn’t use my cellphone. But today, in the spirit of defying expectations, and for perhaps the last time at this podium, I say, ‘in the righteous name of Jesus Christ, Amen.’”

As you can imagine, the crowd went wild…

And the administration went silent…for a full 11 days. Then, they released this statement, from the desk of School District Superintendent, Carrie Rowe, which contained the following in defense of the acts of the administration:

“In Moriah’s case, the district could not approve a speech written as a prayer, but did approve a second version that she submitted.”

“As superintendent, I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and of this commonwealth. The District’s Solicitor has advised us that the law clearly states that prayer is not permitted at graduation ceremonies, even if it is student-led.”

Rowe also went on to state that, although she can understand why the restriction is upsetting to members of the community, she “cannot choose which laws to follow.”

Kudos to Bridges for standing up and “defying” the law. We need more people like her, especially in instances like these, who aren’t afraid to share their faith, even when others are trying to muffle it.

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