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Star Wars Star Adam Driver Teams Up with Budweiser For Veterans in a BIG Way

If you haven’t seen the latest heartwarming video launched by Budweiser as part of its “Folds of Honor” program, which provides scholarships to families of wounded or fallen military veterans, you need to check it out.  It’s an absolute must see! The video features Star Wars actor Adam Driver and was posted to Budweiser’s Facebook page.

“After leaving the military,” the Facebook page notes, “Adam Driver fulfilled his dream of becoming an actor. He helped us deliver another dream to a family who has sacrificed for their country and for each other.”

In the video, Driver, who is a military veteran, is driving across country to meet a young, aspiring woman named Hayley Grace Williams, who had written a letter to Budweiser’s “Folds of Honor,” applying for a scholarship for her nurse schooling.

Hayley’s father, Army veteran John Williams, was severely injured and disabled during a training exercise before his unit was sent over seas.  Due to his disability, medical discharge, and inability to work, Hayley has been forced to work 40 hours a week to help pay for her final year of school, which has proven to become quite the burden, as it will cost nearly $44,000, meaning she may not be able to finish her degree.

However, this is where Driver and the Budweiser program intervene.  They show up, lend a hand, and deliver a dream by helping her with her schooling.

Check it out for yourself.

Nicely done, Budweiser!  Super awesome.

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