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Legendary Thomas Sowell DESTROYS Liberalism, Explains Why He Converted to Conservatism

Conservative intellectual Thomas Sowell, who was once a member of the Left and studied under the late-libertarian Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman, sat down with Fox News to explain how he converted from liberalism to conservatism.

According to Sowell, it started when he took a summer job at the Labor Department.  Over the course of that summer, he realized the government wouldn’t be even remotely capable of creating the society he had envisioned.

However, it wasn’t the inefficiency of government alone that led to Sowell’s conversion. It was also the reality-free approach liberals took to the issues they championed.

You can watch him explain in the video below:

“Liberals are for helping people who are disadvantaged, while I think conservatives want to stop people from being disadvantaged. In other words, liberals want to help the poor while they’re poor, but really the biggest benefit is to stop them from being poor, and that’s something they [liberals] have little interest in.”

The man speaks the truth, folks.  Liberals don’t want to prevent the poor from being poor.  They simply NEED them to remain poor so that they’ll vote Democrat.  It’s really no more complicated that, which is twisted and quite sad when you think about it.

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