George Soros Group Paying People $15,000 Per Month to Sabotage Trump

George Soros, tax evading billionaire and left wing funding hypocrite, is now offering up to $15K A MONTH to turn people up against President Trump.

In a recent report by the Washington Examiner, Fight for the Future, a group known for its fight in net neutrality, is offering $15,000 to activists who QUIT THIER JOBS and form “A-Teams” to go after President Trump and his agenda. Fight for the Future is funded through the Media Democracy Fund, a George Soros group.

They recently issued an offer starting with “Terrified about Trump? Quit your job, start an A-Team. We’ll fund it.”

They are now receiving applications and hope to help these teams with funding, guidance and additional support as needed.

The campaign director, Evan Greer said “Our goal is to spawn a movement of small, dedicated, groups of people using the tactics that we’ve used effectively to defend Internet freedom to win major victories in other issue areas affecting our basic rights and freedoms, such as immigration, freedom of press, police brutality, drug reform, and government corruption.”

For people who say they want money out of the way in Washington, they spend a lot of it trying to get their crooked agendas pushed on American people.

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