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Sen. Tom Cotton Exposes Hillary Clinton as a “Russian Agent” on Live TV

On Wednesday, in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) was asked about Russian interference during the 2016 election.  Specifically, he was asked whether Trump is being used by Russia to disrupt our political system. His response was absolutely epic!

Before diving into that response, let’s preface it with this:  Perhaps you recall the tweet below from Hillary Clinton, saying Trump would “undermine” our Democracy by not accepting the results?

Alright, then.  Now, let’s get to that response…

Cotton wittingly turned the question around on the Committee, asking it if Hillary is the one doing the bidding of Russia by undermining our Democracy and delegitimizing President Trump.  See the video and quote below:

“In response to whether or not Donald Trump had become an unwitting agent of Russia and their efforts to sow discord and discontent about our elections, you said that you declined to answer…
…Let’s look at this from a different perspective. Since her election defeat, Hillary Clinton has blamed her loss on the Russians, Vladimir Putin, the FBI agent James Comey, fake news, Wikileaks, Twitter, Facebook and my personal favorite, content farms in Macedonia.
In her blaming her loss on these actors, has Hillary Clinton become an unwitting agent of Russians’ goals in the United States.”

How the tables have turned. Well done, Mr. Cotton.

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