Seinfeld Star NAILS Liberals with Best Response to National Anthem Kneeling Yet

Vice President Mike Pence made his way into the headlines this weekend thanks to an appearance at an Indianapolis Colts game. He and his wife were believed to be in attendance for the special ceremony retiring the jersey number of former star Hall of Fame-bound quarterback Peyton Manning.

However, their attendance was short lived, as Pence felt compelled to leave the game early once a significant number of players from the San Francisco 49ers decided to kneel in protest during the national anthem.

Almost immediately, Pence took to Twitter with an explanation of his actions, stating neither he nor President Donald Trump would “dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag or our national anthem.”

Naturally, the liberal media outlets and many leftists took issue with Pence’s actions, and they’ve been berating him ever since.

However, according to TMZ, one Hollywood celebrity seemed to support his actions.

Actor John O’Hurley, notably known for his role of Mr. Peterman on “Seinfeld,” was caught by a TMZ reporter just as he was exiting a restaurant Sunday evening.  The reporter asked him for his thoughts on the VP’s decision to walk out of the stadium, and his response was pure gold.

“I go to a football game as I go to a movie or anything else for escapism, not to hear somebody’s political views,” O’Hurley said. “Or not to be exposed to somebody’s political views. I’m coming out of a restaurant. If somebody announced the specials with their political views tonight, I’d have the same reason to be angry, wouldn’t I?”

The reporter seemingly agreed with O’Hurley, which prompted a smile and a simple “Bravo,” as he proceeded to his car.

I mean, who wouldn’t agree, though? Political viewpoints have no place in non-political activities, whether that be at football games…or while eating dinner at a restaurant. Maybe one of these days, the left will catch on and stop with the charades.


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