Schools Forced to Offer Free Tampons in the Men’s Room

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has announced it will start providing free feminine hygiene products in both the women’s and MEN’S restrooms on its campus.

The university told The College Fix that it would be implementing this program in three buildings across its campus, but two would only place them in the women’s restrooms. The other building is home to the Lesbian, Gay and Transgender Campus Center and that bathroom would get the products in both the women and men’s rooms.

The school spokesman Steve Wagner said they are trying to ensure those who needed the product would be able to get it. “Menstrual products will be available in all of the bathrooms of the Red Gym, so that they are available to any student who might need them.”

Of course this initiative was led by students. “It’s definitely a deficit and an unnecessary burden for [anyone] to have to go and purchase menstrual products,” Student Representative Katrina Morrison said, “Having them be free and readily available in campus buildings is definitely a necessity.”

The University of Michigan, University of Maryland, and Northwestern University have all launched similar programs in recent months.

IS THIS REAL LIFE? These kids can’t even go purchase their own personal hygiene items? And what does anyone in the MEN’s room need tampons for? Oh, that’s right…it’s for women who “identify” as men, but are really women and will always be a woman, regardless of what they think.

It seems that college campuses are becoming less and less about education and more about coddling babies who have been handed everything and can’t even be bothered with using the proper bathrooms or taking themselves to the store.

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