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Proof Comey Protected Obama at All Costs, Yet He’s Doing All He Can to Sabotage Trump

The disgust with the corruption in Washington was bad enough already, but now, with the latest news coming out of former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee meeting, hard-working Americans should be at wits end.

Last year, during the Presidential campaign, one of the most common battle cries at the Trump rallies was ‘Drain the Swamp’ (referring to getting rid of the corruption).

Perhaps equally as common were the chants of ‘Lock Her Up’ (referring to a jail sentence for Hillary Clinton for her  email scandal, at minimum).

However, it may be time to add ‘Lock Him Up’ into the fold (referring to James Comey, due to revelations from his latest hearing).

Last week in Senate Hearings, fired and former FBI Director Comey admitted that he took extensive notes while in meetings with President Trump and leaked parts of these notes to the press.

Chris Farrell, Director of Investigations and Research for conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, spoke with Lou Dobbs on Fox News about the testimony.  Farrell told Dobbs, “This is a case where FBI agents, recently retired and actively serving have come to me and they have told me that they consider Comey to be a dirty cop.”

Farrell also told Dobbs:

“This admission today is stunning. I would argue that Mr. Comey’s notes are property of the United States government and that he has absconded with them. Frankly if I were Attorney General, about 20 minutes after his confession today in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Deputy U.S. Marshals would have raided his home and office. As well as Mr. Richman at Columbia Law School.

Those records and documents must be recovered. Mr. Comey had no business releasing them. It’s an extraordinary admission on his part. It’s lawless. We wonder why we have leakers in the government when the FBI Director is playing these little games for political points or because his tender ego is bruised. This is outrageous.

He took an oath to the Constitution and he’s betrayed it in no uncertain terms.”

Yet, to this date, Comey runs free and no actions have been taken against him.

Comey literally did all he could to attack President Trump, and to try to put his trustworthiness a bit further under the microscope.

Ironically, it’s now his own previous testimonies in front of Congress that need to be placed under the microscope.  If we’re being honest, it shouldn’t take too much focus to see that, while he went out of his way to attack Trump, Comey also did all he could to protect President Obama from any criminal activities that took place during Obama’s administration.

When asked by Representative Trey Gowdy whether he briefed President Obama on any calls involving General Michael Flynn, Comey responds “I am not going to get into either that particular case, that matter or conversations I had with the President.”

What a shame.  It looks as if Comey is among the elites that are able to get away with crimes, while the everyday American is still held to a different set of rules.  When will this end?  We need to see some accountability!

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