Pelosi Calls for “Independent Investigation” Outside of Robert Mueller’s

Moments after Special Counsel Robert Mueller handed down indictments to Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decided it was a good idea to issue a call for an independent investigation into Trump campaign collusion with Russians.

Isn’t it interesting that Pelosi was sure to mention the collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in her statement, yet Hillary Clinton’s monetary connections to the infamous dossier was conveniently left out?  Hmmm.

Nevertheless, Pelosi’s statement contained the following:

“Even with an accelerating Special Counsel investigation inside the Justice Department, and investigations inside the Republican Congress, we still need an outside, fully independent investigation to expose Russia’s meddling in our election and the involvement of Trump officials. Defending the integrity of our democracy demands that Congress look forward to counter Russian aggression and prevent future meddling with our elections.”

In response to the charges from Mueller’s investigation, Manafort and Gates were asked to surrender themselves to Federal authorities.  Then, on Monday, reporters say the saw Manafort leaving his Virginia home and heading to an FBI building in Washington, D.C. with his lawyer.

Since then, the Justice Department has confirmed that Manafort was allowed to surrender himself to the custody of the FBI.

You can read the full indictment here.

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