P Diddy Has The Fix to the NFL Problem, America Tears Him Apart Over It

In case you haven’t noticed, it seems liberals are rather upset over the fact that Donald Trump has taken a commanding lead in the cultural war against the NFL.

The biggest indicator is the decline in ratings, because the vast majority of Americans are showing how they really feel about league players who are disrespecting the national anthem and flag week-in and week-out.

However, it seems some high-profile liberal celebrities are doubling down on their stance, and they just don’t get it.

For the latest example of this, look no further than rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and what he has shared via Twitter regarding his latest “dream” on the topic.

The timing of Diddy’s (…or whatever it is he’s calling himself these days) tweets suggest they were most likely inspired by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell statement, which called on players to “honor our flag.

However, the more Combs’ tweeted about his “dream,” the more delusional it became.  Sure, an NFL free from politics would be ideal (and easy to get behind), but that doesn’t appear to be what he’s after here.

Yeah, because the cushy salaries most NFL stars (most of whom are black, by the way) are earning these days don’t make them “KING” enough already.  And, assuming they don’t waste all that money away, a decent retirement MUST be SOOOO farfetched, huh?

Also, can we take a brief moment to address what he is implying when he says “our” own league? Is he hinting at segregation? If so, his dream drastically differs from that of Martin Luther King Jr.’s.  Just saying.

Clearly this so-called “dream” is beyond disconnected from reality. But don’t worry, as there are plenty of Twitter users out there letting him hear all about it.


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