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New Vegas Video: Suspicious Activity Caught That Was Never Reported By FBI or Police

On October 1, the night of the deadly Vegas shootings, Youtuber Benjamin Franks and his friend happened to be out-and-about, grabbing some tacos and returning to their hotel room at the MGM, when suddenly, they noticed something going on at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana Ave.

About 15-minutes later, from the leisure of their hotel room, Franks was able to capture exclusive video footage showing the arrival of 17 ambulances that removed human bodies from Hooters located at 115 E. Tropicana Ave., which is just northeast of the Route 91 Music Festival venue.

“Me and my buddy went to vegas for two days. This was our first day there and had been out on the strip earlier but drove to circus circus later on. We had just gotten tacos when we finally reached tropicana and las vegas blvd is when we saw everyone running and all the police. We were lucky to get to the mgm parking garage and into our room about 15 minutes later and thats when this video starts. WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON,” the Youtuber wrote in his Oct. 21 post.

Thankfully, the “HighImpactFlix” YouTube channel has taken that footage and condensed it into an excellent presentation of the facts from that night.

At the 24-second mark of the video, a male voice chimes in, saying, “They are just pulling so many bodies out of that Hooters. I don’t know if people are dead — I don’t know if people are just injured — they just keep pullin’ them out though […] something definitely happened at Hooters though.”

“It must have happened at Hooters dude because they are all showing up there,” he said. “It looks like most of them are at Hooters.”

Of course, Franks’s footage contradicts what was reported by Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, and serves as proof that the Los Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI have been less than truthful with the general public regarding all of the events that went down that dreadful night.


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