New Study Reveals Disturbing Truth About Largest Generation in America

According to a joint survey by the research firm YouGov and the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, which asked more than 2,000 people about their views regarding socialist and capitalist political systems, almost half of the millennial population in the U.S. would rather live in a socialist society.

And if you think that’s crazy, the survey also found that seven percent of millennials would rather live in a communist society.

“Millennials now make up the largest generation in America, and we’re seeing some deeply worrisome trends,” Marion Smith, executive director of the foundation told Fox News. “Millennials are increasingly turning away from capitalism and toward socialism and even communism as a viable alternative.”

The study also surveyed baby boomers, and in contrast, more than half of that generation responded that they favored capitalism with only 26 percent supporting socialism.

The study also reveals that one in five Americans in their 20s consider ex-Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin a heroic figure. And perhaps even more insulting than that, more than twenty-fiver percent of those polled seem to think highly of former dictators Vladimir Lenin and Kim Jong Un.

In other words, the poll exposes that many Americans are not all that familiar with the definitions of socialism or communism.  In fact, seven out of ten Americans admitted that they do not know the definition of communism, and could not explain how it differs from socialism.


“This troubling turn highlights widespread historical illiteracy in American society regarding socialism and the systemic failure of our education system to teach students about the genocide, destruction, and misery caused by communism since the Bolshevik Revolution one hundred years ago,” Smith said.

Unreal. But that’s millennials for you.

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