Media is Lying About The Cost of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Trips

According to the New York Times, President Trump has reportedly spent a whopping 24 days at Mar-a-Lago (a.k.a. “Winter White House” or “Southern White House”) already during his presidency, and boy have his critics sure noticed.

Naturally, based on this frequency of travel to Mar-a-Lago already, many news organizations such as CBS News, Politico and CNN have taken aim at calculating the costs associated.  Their estimates?  Somewhere around $3.6 million per trip.

The Center for American Progress, a liberal research and advocacy organization, even launched a website dedicated  to tracking whether or not Trump is at Mar-a-Lago.  It also uses the $3.6 million figure and even uses it to calculate what the accumulated cost “could pay for” in terms of other government programs.

However, according to the Associated Press, that $3.6 million figure to Trump’s visits to Mar-a-Lago may be inaccurate (read inflated):

“As fate would have it, the estimate for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trips is based on a 2013 weekend golf trip Obama took to Palm Beach.”

So…if inaccurate by that comparison, what might Trump’s Mar-a-Lago visits actually cost?

According to an estimate from conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch…much closer to $1 million per trip:

A significant amount, nonetheless, but still…not quite as inflated as the liberal media outlets would have you believe.  Imagine that.

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