There’s Something Liberals Aren’t Telling You About This Viral Picture of Obama with Hurricane Victim

Well, folks, even though the Texas governor Greg Abbott has praised President Trump over his response to Hurricane Harvey, the Democrats (naturally) seem to be hell-bent on finding fault and attacking him.

Their latest finding?  Apparently, Trump has no empathy because he didn’t hug anyone in Texas while there. Oh, but Obama has some serious empathy, ya’ll.  Check it out:

Below is the noteworthy picture.

And others have been circulating the picture as well.  However, what no one has mentioned in any of this are the actual facts behind the picture.

The picture was taken October 31, 2012, nine days after Hurricane Sandy ripped through New Jersey.  Also, it was just days before the eventual election against Mitt Romney, which in all likelihood reduces it to nothing more than a photo-op.

Oh, and let’s not forget what that woman, Donna Vanzant, said after the fact.  She believed Obama had promised to help her during that hug.

“After his visit, I sent an email to President Obama. Many days later, I got a response back. It was disturbing.

How so?

It had nothing to do with what I was asking him. It was a form letter. It thanked me for supporting the troops. He made a promise to rebuild on national television, and I can’t even get this money. It’s heartbreaking, really. I did reach out to Senator Whelan, and I got a response that they were forwarding my email to the person that Governor Christie put in charge of Sandy relief. But from President Obama, I got a form letter.”

Hmmm.  How’s that for empathy?

Meanwhile, let’s look at what Texas Governor Greg Abbott actually said about Trump’s response.  In his words, it was the quickest, most responsive ever, and would ensure that people would get relief faster to help in recovery.

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