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Jimmy Kimmel’s Vegas Monologue Was Riddled with 7 Deceptive Claims

Following this weekend’s deadly attack in Las Vegas, host Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue on Monday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! took a very liberal aim at gun laws and the need for more gun control. However, it was riddled with seven very misleading statements which need to be addressed.

Now, to be fair and give credit where it is due, Kimmel is correct on one point. And that’s when he admitted that the attacker had “no criminal record,” and therefore, nothing to keep him from passing a check to acquire a gun. But that’s about it. Beyond that single point, the balance of his comments are completely false. See for yourself:

1. When Kimmel said, “Orlando, Aurora, Newtown, San Bernardino, [in] every one of these shootings the murderer used automatic or semi-automatic rifles,” his use of the word “automatic” is very misleading. The rifle used in all four instances was determined to semi-automatic, not automatic.

2. Kimmel claimed that AR-15s and the like “are not weapons used for self-defense.” This is simply not true.  For proof, look no further than the bullet points below:

  • Houston boy used his father’s AR-15 to defend his sister’s life during a home invasion.
  • North Carolina homeowner with an AR-15 traded shots with an armed robber entering his house, who shot first.
  • Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, son who was home alone used his father’s AR-15 to stop a home invasion by shooting all three suspects.

3. Referring to Trump’s repeal of Obama’s Social Security gun ban, Kimmel claimed President Trump signed “a bill that made it easier for people with severe mental illness to buy guns legally.”  However, Duke University psychiatry and behavioral science professor Jeffrey Swanson already debunked the Obama ban, suggesting it targeted the “vulnerable” recipients of disability benefits who required help with finances, not “dangerous” people with severe mental illness.

4. Kimmel said that House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “won’t do anything about [the attack] because the NRA has their balls in a money clip.” However, this is somewhat misleading because NRA-supported legislation revolving around concealed carry reciprocity has been circulating, and is reportedly only stalled because of…you guessed it…Paul Ryan.

5. Kimmel said, “Right now, there are loopholes in the law that let people avoid background checks if they buy a gun privately–from another party–if they buy a gun online or at a gun show,” however, there really are no loopholes.  In fact, it is illegal to buy a gun online without first going through a background check prior to taking possession of it. Also, for what it’s worth, private sales have existed since the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791.  Only within recent years have liberals labeled these private sales as “loopholes” in order to fit their agenda and persuade Americans to support more gun control.

6. Kimmel put together a rather entertaining collage which contained the photos of Senators who voted against closing the “loopholes” above after the June 12, 2016, Orlando Pulse attack. However, the collage failed to include some rather vital information.  You see, the Orlando Pulse attacker did not actually use these “loopholes.” Rather, he actually passed background checks and a waiting period for his firearms.

7. Last but not least, Kimmel said Congress is now working to “legalize the sale of silencers.” However, these “silencers” (a.k.a. suppressors) are already legal in 42 states. Perhaps what he should have said is that Congress is considering is a bill that would remove the federal tax on them, as well as to simplify the process of obtaining them.

H/T Breitbart


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