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Jim Carrey Stuns Hollywood with God-Centered Speech About Salvation

In case you missed it, Jim Carrey recently gave an amazing God-centered speech on the transformative power of suffering to Homeboy Industries, an organization in Los Angeles that helps people who were formerly incarcerated and who were gang members by providing job training and redirecting their lives.

He started by saying that he believed that the room was filled with God.

From Relevant:

“Your being here is an indication that you’ve made that decision already. You’ve made the decision to walk through the gate of forgiveness to grace. Just as Christ did on the cross. He suffered terribly and He was broken by it, to the point of doubt and a feeling of absolutely abandonment, which all of you have felt. Then there was a decision to be made. And the decision was to look upon the people who were causing that suffering with compassion and with forgiveness, and that’s what opens the gates of heaven for all of us. I wish that for all of you. I wish that for myself.”

For some context to that comment, Carrey has experienced a rather unique spiritual journey over the course of his life.  He grew up in Catholicism, but later in life turned to Presbyterianism.  He has since spoken of a distrust with organized religion, and in favor of the teachings of Buddha and the practice of Transcendental Mediation. And most recently, his religious beliefs have been a bit of an enigma.

Regardless of where he is now in his spiritual journey, you have to admit those are some powerful words. Words that those men and women need to hear, and that we all should welcome.

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