Jason Chaffetz Forces FBI To Admit They Hid Evidence For Hillary The Entire Time

Anyone who is paying attention at all realizes that the FBI has covered up the truth for Hillary through out the entire investigation. It has never been more apparent than what just took place in front of Chairman Jason Chaffetz.

The Clinton email scandal was re-opened and FBI agents were grilled as to why Hillary Clinton, a former Secretary of State, did not know that ‘C’ stood for ‘Classified’ if the FBI had another story. Jason Chaffetz, a Republican Utah Representative, absolutely demolished a clueless FBI agent, who by the looks of things was new to his job. (read more below)

Chaffetz blew up because the FBI didn’t deliver all of their 302 reports, which are summaries from FBI agents on this specific case.

According to the FBI, Chaffetz would have to fill out a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request to get the entire story, which rubbed Chaffetz the wrong way, because before his time was over, he SUED the FBI agent for the withheld documents.

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Well done, sir…well done!

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