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Huffington Post Writer Posts Sickening Message While Steve Scalise Remains in Critical Condition

While U.S. House Representative Steve Scalise, the victim of the vicious attack in Alexandria, VA this week remains in a Washington-area hospital in critical condition, it seems the intolerant left is perfectly content in taking some cheap and rather shameful shots at him.

Just days before the attack, HuffPo writer Jesse Benn wrote a piece inciting liberals to violence against Trump.

The article, updated on June 6th, says “There’s an inherent value in forestalling Trump’s normalization. Violent resistance accomplishes this.” As CNS News reported, Benn calls anti-violence liberals ignorant and misguided because they refuse to accept the proven value of violent resistance:

“They misunderstand the desired outcome from violent resistance and those protesting Trump in general. And third, they ignore the history of successful violent insurrection in the US, instead favoring the elementary school version of history in which nonviolence is the only means of struggle that’s ever achieved a thing.”

In the immediate aftermath of the Scalise shooting, Benn doubled down on his stance by tweeted the following:

A little cold and callous, considering the man was just shot, don’t you think?  And the race card?  Really?  PLEASE!

But I suppose it shouldn’t be all that surprising, considering his Twitter profile describes him as a “Member of the intolerant Left.”  Yeah, that pretty much explains it.

Don’t worry, though.  The Twitter world let him (and HuffPo) have it:

Benn and the left in America clearly can’t figure this out, can they, folks? Do they really not see that inciting violence like this is MORE a part of the reason why attacks like yesterday’s occur than ANY of Donald Trump’s policies, and – not to mention – the clear reason why Trump won the election in the first place?

When will they learn?  Will they ever?

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