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Hillary Completely FREEZES Live on Stage, AGAIN…What is Wrong with Her?

There has been more evidence building seemingly every day that points in the direction of Hillary Clinton having health concerns that would prevent her from performing the job as president.

Some call is “short-circuiting”, but the fact is she seems to have health problems that her handlers seem to be hiding, as well as mainstream media.

Just recently a photo surfaced showing her struggling to walk up steps, virtually being dragged up them by secret service. Numerous videos have also surfaced showing her breaking into an involuntary blank stare, with the look of complete terror on her face.

A new video has surfaced that shows Hillary completely freezing, then she’s saved by her mysterious handler who is causing a buzz. He says, “you’re O.K…keep talking…we’re not going anywhere”

WATCH what happens here…What’s wrong with her?

In yet another video just yesterday, Hillary completely blanks out for an awkward few seconds before regaining her bearings…

No one is really sure what is going on with Hillary, but it’s certainly cause for concern. After all, if she gets elected and has heath problems that could take her life at any moment, it impacts the entire country, so her health is something Americans need to be made aware of.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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