Here’s Why Mainstream Media Barely Even Mentioned Deadly Church Shooting in Tennessee

Usually, the mainstream media will cover news of mass shootings like white on rice. However, due to the NFL controversy dominating the headlines, the public has heard little, if anything, in regards to the mass shooting that took place this past weekend at Burnett Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee, where a shooter attacked and killed one woman and injured six other people.

Well, perhaps there’s a reason.  According to conservative commentator Matt Walsh, it doesn’t fit the media-approved narratives for a number of reasons.

First of all, the shooter was a Sudanese immigrant and the victim was white, rendering the story useless against the current liberal narratives regarding immigration and white supremacy.

Also, it probably doesn’t help that the manner in which the attack was stopped takes aim at the liberal cause for more gun control:

“The hero, 22-year-old Caleb Engle, was pistol-whipped in the face during the confrontation. He struggled with Samson until the terrorist, by the grace of God, accidentally shot himself. Engle then went out to his car to grab his own firearm, and stood guard over the wounded shooter until police arrived.”

Walsh opines:

“If the races were switched and you removed the pesky pro-Second Amendment element of the story, perhaps it may have fighting chance to compete with choreographed protests in professional sports for airtime. But the details being what they are, the outcome was predetermined. This was destined to be buried. The NFL distraction just made it that much easier.

But those of us who do take a second to reflect on Sunday’s truly newsworthy event will come away with, among other things, a riveting picture of what real courage looks like. If you were to compare the minutes the media has spent slobbering over the heroism of kneeling athletes compared to how many minutes they’ve spent even acknowledging the heroism of the guy who tackled and neutralized a crazed gunman in a Tennessee church on Sunday, I’m guessing it would be about 9,000,000 to zero. But I’m of the radical opinion that the ratio should be exactly reversed.

It requires no bravery whatsoever to participate in a trendy form of protest, especially when the protest is guaranteed to win you admiration. Granted, it will also earn you contempt from some corners, but they are corners populated by exactly the sort of people that a liberal-minded millionaire enjoys antagonizing.”

Walsh is spot on here.  This story deserves way more coverage than it has received so far. Considering the circumstances, burying it simply proves that the mainstream media and its overblown coverage of all the other mass shootings has not been about the victims. It’s been about…you guessed it…gun control.


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