Here’s The President Trump Video in Texas The Media Doesn’t Want You To See

If you missed the NY Daily News coverage of President Trump and Melania’s visit to Texas in the wake of the most devastating storms the state has ever seen, all you need to know is that it began with is three words: “What a shame.”
And it’s a shame that it chose to do so.

Yes, NY Daily News was very critical of President Trump in its coverage, going so far as to suggest his visit was nothing more than a television spectacle, nothing more than a campaign stop to praise the excellent job Governor Abbott has done thus far. They were also very critical of him for his acknowledgment of FEMA Director William (Brock) Long for the outstanding job he’s done.

However, what it – and most other media, for that matter – didn’t acknowledge is that the intent of the President’s visit was strictly to reassure the victims of Hurricane Harvey that the federal, state and local governments are doing all that they can to restore their homes and their lives. These people lost everything and still came to hear the president speak.

Below is a brief clip of what he had to say to the massive crowds who lined the streets to hear his remarks about the plans to help those victims who are hurting in Texas:

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