Here’s The Best Response to Liberals About Abortion You’ll Ever Hear

During a Q & A session following a March 15 lecture at the University of Redlands in California, the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro was asked a series of hypothetical questions regarding abortion in the case of rape.

Thankfully, there’s video footage of the Q & A session which includes some pretty epic responses by Mr. Shapiro. See the excerpts of some of his responses below and/or check the video out here:

“The answer is that [rape] doesn’t actually change the calculus, meaning that obviously, what happened to this person is an awful, awful horrible thing. And as I said earlier, the person who raped her should be tracked down, captured, killed or castrated. So that’s number one.”

“As far as the morality of abortion [goes], the morality of abortion does not change based on need, right?…The abortion argument really comes down to, ‘do you think this is a life or not?’”

“If you don’t think it’s a life, then you can do whatever you want with it. If you do think it’s a life, then you can’t do anything with it.”

“As far as what she does with the baby, that’s up to her. It’s obviously going to be an obvious economic burden. I would think though that there are a lot of people out there, like me, who would give charity in order to try and help out somebody who’s obviously in that sort of situation.”

“And, there are charities that exist for people like this, to try and help out. And, if you know of this woman, tell me her name and I’m happy to give her some money.”

“The solution to something horrible happening is not another horrible thing happening in the killing of a baby, which I think is actually horrible.”

Ben did a great job here, don’t you think?

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