Farmer’s Message in His Field to NFL Kneelers Goes Viral

Make no mistake about it, folks. Gene Hanson, 77, of Edgeley, North Dakota knows how to send a very clear message — from his bean crop fields , mind you — letting the NFL know where he stands in regards to the protest controversy surrounding the league.

Hanson, a farmer, plowed the words “We stand for the national anthem” in his bean crop fields in response to many NFL players’ decision to kneel in protest of the national anthem.

“I go with [President] Trump on this one,” Hanson told Fox News on Tuesday. “If you want to protest, that’s not the place to do it.”

“A lot of people died over our flag. We’re able to voice our opinion because of it. If you’re going to show respect for anything, do it for the national anthem,” he said.

Hanson also planned to add the phrase, “We kneel at the cross,” but said he could not do so because his crops experienced the first frost of the season. He does, however, plan to add that phrase soon, weather permitting.

Additionally, Hanson is certainly no stranger to using his tractor and 850-acre farm to send similar messages. Previously, he etched “Drain the Swamp,” “Vote Trump,” “Feel the Bern,” “Never Hillary,” “Blue Lives Matter,” and “GOP, get your act together,” just to name a few. However, the message that received the most attention was his massive Prince symbol, which he plowed shortly after the singer’s death in May 2016.

“[It]works out pretty good in a harvested bean field,” he says.




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