DirecTV Delivers Devastating News to NFL

Whoa! The ESPN network confirmed on Tuesday evening that DirecTV, which normally prevents sports package cancellations AFTER a season has started, is altering its own policy and will allow full refunds (about $280 per season) to customers who decide to cancel their NFL Sunday Ticket packages due to the growing number of players protesting the national anthem.

This surprising move comes after President Donald Trump elected to speak out against professional athletes who kneel or make other disrespectful gestures while the anthem is being played.

I also comes on the heels of this past weekend, when the Pittsburgh Steelers refused to leave the locker room or face the United States flag, and while dozens of other players around the league kneeled in protest.

As you can imagine, conservative Americans were less than thrilled by this, so it’s really no surprise that some would be considering the package cancellation.

“At some stadiums, fans booed the players. Others took to Twitter to say they were canceling their Sunday Ticket subscriptions,” ESPN reported.

It seems as if the NFL has no idea how frustrated millions of citizens are with these players’ blatant acts of disrespect toward our country. But with the DirecTV news breaking, something tells me the league is in for a rude awakening.

If they aren’t feeling it yet, they will be once their wallets are.

Oh, the costly consequences of free speech!

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