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Dem. Senator FLIPS OUT About Trump’s Approach to Their Own Healthcare

Make no mistake about it, folks.  Donald Trump was elected for one primary reason: People were fed up with the antics from all the suits in Washington, and it was time to “drain the swamp.” And his actions toward members of Congress as of late prove he will deliver to the American people on that message.

According to Fox News:
“President Trump, hoping to prod reluctant lawmakers to once again try for an ObamaCare overhaul deal, has zeroed in on a benefit that could serve as a powerful piece of leverage for the negotiator-in-chief.

The president’s ultimatum to Congress: Figure out a way forward on health care, or lose a valuable insurance carve-out for you and your staff. The benefit allows part of their ObamaCare premium costs to be covered by taxpayers.”

Much to the surprise of no one, certain members of Congress are not happy about this, and seem to be playing the “bully” card once again.

Doesn’t sound like a threat to me.  Sounds more like delivering on a promise made to the American people, to hold the feet of Congress to the fire, to fix the disaster known as Obamacare.

And honestly, what other choice does the man have?  How else will the members of Congress gain a sense of urgency and start taking the problems with Obamacare seriously?  After all, it’s not like they’re having to experience it firsthand.

I say, well done, sir!


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