CNN Cuts Feed Immediately When The Wrong Thing is Mentioned About Refugees

As I’m sure we’re all well aware by now, fake news giant CNN regularly cuts its audio whenever the network doesn’t like what someone is saying during on-air interviews.  Pretty convenient, huh?

The below serves as a prime example.  Here, Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) was being interviewed by CNN host Dana Bash about the Trump refugee ban.  However, the very instant he began to talk about how the vast majority of American people are overwhelmingly in support of the ban, and how 30% of domestic terrorism is committed by refugees, his sound and picture mysteriously gets cut out of the broadcast.

Of course, Bash doesn’t even bat an eye or waste a breath before blaming the cut on “the TV gremlins”. Unbelieveable.

If that doesn’t do it for you, here’s a compilation of the networks convenient cuts:

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