CBO Just Demolished Liberals’ Favorite Talking Point About Obamacare

Ah, the days of broken healthcare promises from Barack Obama!  Oh, you don’t remember?  Well, here’s a refresher for you:

If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan.

The lies were on repeat, folks. Hell, even Politifact admits that.

Well, fast forward into 2017, and the very liberals who bought into all the Obamacare lies seem to believe they know best about the new GOP healthcare bill, and are spewing an egregiously dishonest list of reasons as to why it’s the worst thing ever.  One in particular: It will take healthcare away from 16 million people who will die without it.

However, thanks to data from the Congressional Budget Office, lies such as that one are finally debunked, because the truth of the matter is this: The vast majority of people losing coverage are simply losing the coverage the government forced them to buy in the first place.

From Townhall:

“Conservative healthcare policy wonk Avik Roy, a strong supporter of the imperiled Senate healthcare bill, wrote an eye-opening analysis over the weekend.  He examined and applied leaked data in order to demonstrate how the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office would score any GOP Obamacare replacement bill as “denying” coverage to at least 16 million Americans.  That’s due to CBO’s fanatical belief in the power of the existing law’s individual mandate tax, an article of faith to which they’ve clung, despite hard contradictory evidence.  For the first time, Roy is able to reveal exactly how heavily — and dubiously — CBO leans on the strength the individual mandate in producing its coverage numbers.  This is vitally important context for the current healthcare debate, both in terms of swatting down Democrats’ favorite attack line, as well addressing as moderate Republicans’ top hesitancy.”

Here’s an excerpt from the analysis it is referring to (via National Review):

“Thanks to information that was leaked to me by a congressional staffer, we now have the answer.  Nearly three-fourths of the difference in coverage between Obamacare and the various GOP plans derives from a single feature of the Republican bills: their repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate. But the CBO has never published a year-by-year breakout of the impact of the individual mandate on its coverage estimates. But CBO has developed its own estimates of that impact, during work it did last December to estimate the effects of repealing the individual mandate as a standalone measure. Based on those estimates, of the 22 million fewer people who will have health insurance in 2026 under the Senate bill, 16 million will voluntarily drop out of the market because they will no longer face a financial penalty for doing so: 73 percent of the total. As you can see in the above chart, two factors—repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate and the CBO’s outdated March 2016 baseline—explain nearly all of the CBO-scored coverage difference between GOP bills and Obamacare.”

Interesting, huh?  Seeing is believing, folks. And sharing is caring.  Therefore, share this to expose the lies, and to reveal the truth.

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