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BREAKING: WikiLeaks Strikes Again…CONFIRMS Hillary’s Earpiece!

The internet has been buzzing about Hillary’s earpiece at the Commander-in-Chief forum last night, but Hillary denies the entire thing. However, Hillary’s old pal Julian Assange from WikiLeaks has just confirmed the existence the earpiece in a recovered email from 2009.

This isn’t the first time Hillary has been known to use an earpiece…

James Woods is a conservative Hollywood actor who blew the story up on Twitter last night and also posted an email from the WikiLeaks where Huma Abedin asked Hillary, “Did u take your earpiece or do I need to get it?” (see the email below)

So, we clearly saw what looked like an earpiece last night and Julian Assange has confirmed the existence of an ear piece. Apparently, Hillary has been using an earpiece for years.

You will have to draw your own conclusion, but the evidence is pretty clear.

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