Another CNN Pundit Caught on Camera Exposing CNN For The Fake News Machine that It Is

Earlier in the week, James O’Keefe And Project Veritas took the internet by storm when they released secret footage of a video exposing CNN over its relentless pursuit of the “bullshit” Trump-Russia story simply for the ratings.

Yet, for some reason, we’ve since learned that CNN has decided to stand by the producer and act like it was just his opinion even though he suggested within the footage that CNN’s president feels the same way and WANTS to keep the focus on Russia because “it’s good for business.”

Well, now O’Keefe has released part II of his series, and it will be interesting to see the leftist network responds to its footage.

In this one, Van Jones, one of CNN’s most prominent TV personalities who consistently covers Russia admits that constant loop on the fake story all for ratings is “no big deal,” even though there’s still no evidence implicating Trump.

Check out the footage below:

Wow!  Absolutely ridiculous.

Your move, CNN.

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