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Al Gore’s New Global Warming Film Released, Then Scientists Get Caught Faking Climate Data

When considering the release of Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” a film about global warming, the timing of the latest breaking news suggesting scientists in Australia have been manipulating global warming data sure makes the film’s release seem a little awkward, don’t you think?

According to The Daily Caller:
Australian scientists at the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) ordered a review of temperature recording instruments after the government agency was caught tampering with temperature logs in several locations.

Agency officials admit that the problem with instruments recording low temperatures likely happened in several locations throughout Australia, but they refuse to admit to manipulating temperature readings. The BOM located missing logs in Goulburn and the Snow Mountains, both of which are in New South Wales.

Meteorologist Lance Pidgeon watched the 13 degrees Fahrenheit Goulburn recording from July 2 disappear from the bureau’s website. The temperature readings fluctuated briefly and then disappeared from the government’s website.

“The temperature dropped to minus 10 (13 degrees Fahrenheit), stayed there for some time and then it changed to minus 10.4 (14 degrees Fahrenheit) and then it disappeared,” Pidgeon said, adding that he notified scientist Jennifer Marohasy about the problem, who then brought the readings to the attention of the bureau.

The bureau would later restore the original 13 degrees Fahrenheit reading after a brief question and answer session with Marohasy.

Perhaps even more awkward, however, is the fact that this is apparently not the first time BOM has been investigated for manipulating data. In 2014, they allegedly messed with the country’s temperature records, making it seem as if they had risen over decades.

While there have been masses of people skeptical about global warming over the years, this information finally validates their reservations.

Unfortunately, there are still far too many people out there that are fooled by this outrageous propaganda. Wake up, people!

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