After John McCain Was Found Taking George Soros Money, a Big Cover-up is Underway

Well, imagine that, folks.  After the recent news broke that Senator John McCain’s “legacy” foundation, the McCain Institute for International Leadership, was taking donations from George Soros and perhaps a much longer list of foreign donors, the institute’s administrators are now refusing to disclose said list.

However, thanks to this reminder from Daily Caller, we know that McCain was a key architect in the McCain-Feingold act which aimed to “reform” campaign finance rules. We also know that the institute notes on its website that it has a list of donors, but the amounts donated are neither listed nor disclosed.  Seems awfully convenient, don’t you think?

“But the McCain Institute — created in 2012 with an $8.7 million donation of funds remaining from McCain’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign — refused Monday to disclose the amounts it received from its biggest donors who gave $100,000 or more.

However, the McCain Institute declined to spell out exactly how much money each big donor contributed. The web site only lists donors who have given “$100,000 and above,” which can be misleading.

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, for instance, is identified as giving $100,000 or more on the Institute’s website. In reality, the Saudis gave $1 million.”

Additionally, Daily Caller also suggests that a main reason McCain established the Institute at Arizona State University is solely for the purpose of hiding donors.

And while McCain claims it’s simply named after him, and that he has nothing to do with it, Daily Caller calls bluff on that.

“Not only is McCain’s name on the masthead, he is also the honorary convener of the McCain Institute’s signature spring annual meeting, the Sedona Forum. The Sedona Forum is a “high level, private gathering” held at the luxurious Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Ariz.”

Sounds just as sketchy as the Clinton Foundation if you ask me.

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