3 HHS Obamacare Charts Democrats Are Desperate to Keep From You

As soon as talks of a bill to “repeal and replace” Obamacare started, liberals everywhere began scrambling, doing everything within their power to save the Affordable Care Act.

However, last week, the Department of Health and Human Services released a report titled, “Individual Market Premium Changes: 2013 – 2017” and as a result, liberals everywhere are bound to be furious, because it absolutely destroys the lies they’ve been trying to sell in order to make the ACA look so great.

No longer a politicized arm of the Obama White House charged with making the ACA look as rosy as possible, HHS is now doing what government agencies should do – releasing purely factual information. And the facts are — it’s worse than we thought.

The report is just five pages long and can easily be summed in three pictures a fourth grader could understand. Obamacare has been a disaster.

According to HHS data –not the Cato Institute, not Heritage Foundation, not Rush Limbaugh– the federal government:

  • All 39 states using Healthcare.gov experienced an increase in individual market premiums from 2013 to 2017.
  • Since 2013, 25 out of 39 states have seen triple-digit percent increases in the costs Americans are now paying for healthcare insurance.
  • NO state saw a decrease in insurance premium costs. Not one!

…Comparing the 2013 average premiums using the MLR data with the 2017 average premiums obtained using CMS MIDAS data shows average premiums were 105 percent higher in 2017 than in 2013 and that the median state premium increase was 108 percent. Moreover, 62 percent of states using Healthcare.gov had 2017 average premiums double in 2013. “

While the full report can practically be summed up in the bullet points above as well as the three pictures seen below, everyone should be encouraged to click the link to the report and read it for themselves. It’s only five pages long, and provides an easy-to-follow table depicting the exact increases in healthcare premiums on both a dollar and cost percentage basis for all Healthcare.gov states.

To set the record straight, seven years ago, it was Obama saying that the plan would lower healthcare premiums by up to $2500 per family per year.  Then months ago, it was liberals saying that to repeal or replace the plan would be catastrophic because the plan has been so great for everyone.  Yet today, it’s HHS Data suggesting all of this were nothing but huge lies.

Hmmm.  Who knew?

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