1950s NYC Easter Photo Surfaces That Would Cause a Liberal Meltdown Today

While public displays of Christian faith seem to be frowned upon by the liberal media these days, you can always reflect and take comfort in knowing it wasn’t always like this.

And this photo from New York City in Easter of 1956 proves it.

Sidebar: Does anyone else find irony in the fact that this photo was taken in what has ultimately become the center of liberalism?

According to ChurchPop, this public photo was technically taken during Holy Week, a time in which Christians remember Jesus’ death and celebrate his resurrection, not on Easter proper.

Beneath the picture, you see a contemporary newspaper article which describes the buildings lit up with the sign of the cross.

“Huge crosses, formed by lighted windows, blaze above New York’s skyline as part of an Easter display in Manhattan’s financial district,” it read, according to Snopes.

“This scene, photographed from the roof of the Municipal Building, features 150-foot-high crosses in the City Services Co., City Bank Farmers Trust Co., and the Forty Wall Street Corp. buildings.”

Althought the liberal media has been fighting tooth and nail for decades to erase images like these, or any similar public displays of Christian faith for that matter, isn’t it mildly refreshing to reflect back on times in which Christians could express their faith freely without fear of chastisement?

Maybe one of these days we’ll get back to being able to do so.

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